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Model Kits and Toys Guide
There have been a reasonable number of kits released by Bandai and Wave for the mecha from the show. I've also seen garage kits of Mylene, Sivil and Miho Miho.

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Here's a list of Macross 7 kits I know are available:

Extra kit and toy information provided by Oliver Barder

Bandai Plastic Kits

Bandai Plastic Kits

1/144th Scale:

VF-19 Kai - "Fire Valkyrie" Two kits in box, Battroid and Fighter.
VF-11C - Battroid and Fighter.
VF-17 - (kit can make D or S) "Nightmare", the 'Stealth Valkyrie', Batttroid and Fighter.
VF-11 MAXL - Mylene's Valkyrie, Battroid and Fighter.

1/100th Scale:

VF-19 Kai - "Fire Valkyrie", transformable all 3 modes.
VF-19 (kit can make F or S) - "Blazer Valkyrie" from 'Emerald Force', transformable all 3 modes.

Wave Resin and Soft Vinyl Kits

Wave Resin Kits

1/72th Scale Soft Vinyl:

VF-19 Kai - "Fire Valkyrie", Battroid.
VF-19 (kit can make F or S) - "Blazer Valkyrie" the 'Emerald Force Valkyrie', Battroid.

1/100th Scale Resin:

Elgerzone FZ-109 (kit makes A or F) - the main Baruta mecha, Battroid.
VF-11 Thunderbolt - Actually from Macross Plus could be painted as a VF-11C for Macross 7, Battroid.
VF-22 - "Blue Gazer", Battroid.
VF-11 MAXL - Mylene's Valkyrie, Battroid.

Mechs! Mechs!! Mechs!!!

Bandai Toys

There's also a set of fully transformable toys available, but these are hard to get hold of. The 19's look best in Fighter mode, whereas the 17's look pretty cool in Battroid.

VF-19 Kai - Fire Valkyrie.
VF-19S "Blazer Valkyrie" the 'Emerald Force Valkyrie'.
VF-17D - "Nightmare", the regular 'Stealth Valkyrie' (white/silver trim).
VF-17S - "Nightmare", the officers 'Stealth Valkyrie' (yellow trim).

Bandai Micro-Macross Range

The Micro-Macross range has extended to Macross 7. There were originally intended to be 6 packs available, each with 3 soft plastic toys. But only the first 4 were released.

1: VF-19 Kai "Fire" in all 3 modes.
2: VF-17D in all 3 modes
3: VF-17S in all 3 modes
4: Mix of FZ-109 and VF-19 "Fire"

(5: VF-11C in all 3 modes) - unreleased
(6: Mix of VF-17 and more FZ-109) - unreleased




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